Notes of Life

Low Cost Airlines – Are They Worth It?

So a few days ago I returned from a short holiday and due to ridiculous flight hours, I had to choose to go with Blue Air, a low cost airline. In my opinion, low cost airline should mean you don’t get free food and therefore the price is lower than for flights on economy class. I never thought that the airplane itself was in a deplorable condition! Here are a few pictures I took from my seat:   When I saw this, I actually wondered if...

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Being Late for Work in the Mornings

A few days ago I caught the Morning Breakfast TV show on BBC and the subject they were debating was around what can people do in order to avoid being late for work in the mornings. And there was a guest, her name escapes me but I remember her title was of a “Behaviour Expert” and she could not emphasize enough how important it is for people to be able to manage themselves right so they get to work in time. She gave some obvious tips...

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The Healthy Stuff we Eat

I go food shopping and I see an attractive shelf of multi flavour Walkers crisps. Ok, I decide to treat myself to one convinced by the appealing look of the chicken flavour crisps bag. I get home and open the bag and eat it in front of the TV. When I first opened the bag I felt a strong smell but I thought it’s just the flavour and ok, I know these flavours aren’t natural so I decide to ignore it and eat them. Pretty soon I finish...

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